• Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi
  • Affiliation No.: 1730432, School Code: 10773
  • Front Desk: 0154-2671700, 2671699
  • Email: principaljindalpublicschool@gmail.com

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message- 

On completion of 18 years of establishment of Jindal Public School, I am delighted to express my gratitude to all parents and residents of the region that they have given their heartfelt support for quality education in this rural area, which is a commendable contribution for implementation of basic principles of education. Academic world now-days is facing deep problem that there is no equivalent knowledge in the classroom according to class. Generally speaking, the knowledge of students has been confined to present classes only, for example a student of class 10 forgot the basis knowledge of Mathematics and English taught in class 6. Therefore, Jindal Public School started equalization classes for the subject Mathematics and English from this academic session on wards where students may control the decreasing interest towards the study. Viewing academic proficiency alongwith other important skills in life we will pay special emphasis on the development of discipline, virtue and good will in the students. In the current session, our mission will be to bring all the students equally of the level of their class so that for them learning may turns to fun and so that they achieve educational goal enthusiastically. All possible efforts are being made by JPS to improve quality of education and educators at an appropriate level. I have full confidence that all parents will contribution their important contribution in making this campaign a success.

Thank you

Mr. T.R. Jindal
(Jindal Public School)