School Library

The library is the intellectual store house of the school. Students must take full advantage of it and develop their knowledge bank.

All students of the JPS  are members of the library. A student may borrow only one book at a time for the period of seven days, and the issue may be renewed further to the same period.

Members shall carefully examine the books as soon as it is issued to him / her. Any marks (soil, damage) shall be reported forth with the librarian.

A student will not be allowed with her / him personal books, pen’s , marker or bags in the library except the library books and pencil .

Magazines, Newspapers, Reviews and other periodicals should not be taken out of the Library. The same applies for the Reference Books which must be immediately returned after consultation.

Physics LAB


Biology LAB


Chemistry LAB

Sports Facilities

Along with academics, physical fitness is given importance. With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are made available.

This include badminton, volleyball  and indoor games like table tennis , carom board ,chess .

Art Room

A spacious Art Room provides students with all the raw materials required to explore and express their innate talent. The room has rich collection of art works of students displayed.