Principal’s  Message

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents

The commercialization of education across the country has changed the actual definition of education, which has also changed itself the parameters of identifying a good school. Schools equipped with various facilities are available for all groups of the society. Parents are getting attracted in the name of building and in the name of technology. This materialism has also adversely affected the people associated with education. The talented youth now start to avoid entering the field of education.

We on regular basis debate on quantity education, but do not consider the important link to the teachers. When our educated youth keep the field of education at the third or fourth positions in their preference, then where do we find the talented teachers who will take the quality of education to the extreme point where the schools with facilities of big buildings want to be taken.

Psychological and philosophical principles proved that every child have different hidden talents, which there is no difference between the region, the state and the country. Generally , people  under estimate children from rural areas. Boys and Girls from rural areas are equally talented if they get favorable academic environment, they do not stay behind anybody.

For the overall development of students, Jindal Public School is utilizing all the important modern methods and techniques of teaching.

May God bless us all!



(Jindal Public School)